vShield Manager Grief–and Resolution

A while back I deployed vShield Manager 5.0.1 and vShield Endpoint for a customer, to support Trend Micro Deep Security as part of a VMware View project. Just recently I added four new Cisco UCS B200M3 servers to their View environment and needed to install vShield Endpoint on them. (By the way, I really like installing ESXi on the internal, optional USB stick that the B200M3 supports, rather than on spinning disks.)

After configuring the new hosts and joining them to the View cluster, I couldn’t get to vShield Manager web interface to deploy vShield Endpoint on them. The vCenter plug-in was also down (natch) and wouldn’t respond to my efforts to enable it. I could log into the VM console and it was responsive. I tried restarting the Web services on vShield Manager, using these commands (thanks to this blog):

manager#config t

manager(config)#no web-manager


No dice. So, I did the honorable thing and rebooted the VM. Still no web interface.

Digging around turned up references to the vShield Manager’s log files filling the volume where they live. This turned out to be the key. Apparently it’s a known issue with an internal VMware KB article, but I was not about to call VMware Support on this, working from home in the evening. The trick is to simply clear the logs:

manager#purge log manager

manager#purge log system

Once this was done, the web service started and I was able to complete the work. Not a difficult solution, but a bit time-consuming. I hope this saves you some time when you run into this issue.–Rus

About virtualrush

CCIE #15025, VCP5, many certifications in Cisco, VMware, NetApp, Citrix, and others. I work for a midsize technology integrator.
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