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iSCSI Boot from SAN with Cisco UCS

Configuring Fibre Channel boot-from-SAN is tricky. iSCSI boot-from-SAN is similar, but has additional considerations. Boot-from-SAN with iSCSI storage is more involved than FC boot-from-SAN, and much more involved than local storage ESXi installations. There’s some front-end work to configure boot-from-SAN on the … Continue reading

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Cisco UCS eNIC Driver Installation in a Boot-from-iSCSI Configuration

Last week I had the dubious pleasure of configuring boot-from-iSCSI in a Cisco UCS environment with four B200M3 blade servers and NetApp storage. The Cisco documentation is not exactly crystal clear, but there’s enough information on the Web to make … Continue reading

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Another vShield Endpoint “Gotcha”

While installing vShield Endpoint and Trend Micro Deep Security virtual appliances on another 20 hosts this week, I ran into a situation I hadn’t seen before–and this one didn’t have the usual breadcrumbs on the Web to a solution. This … Continue reading

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