Since beginning to work with NetScaler in my home lab a few months ago, and subsequently getting some formal training, doing deeper lab work, and exploring NetScaler’s capabilities more, I’ve become a huge fan. NetScaler VPX, the virtual edition, is available in different feature tiers and for bandwidth levels. Even at the low end of its licensing and bandwidth capabilities, NetScaler VPX is a good fit for many applications that are otherwise complex or not cost-effective.

Here’s a taste:

Going places with NetScaler VPX

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Microsoft Server 2012 Tips

When I added a Server 2012 domain controller to my existing 2008 R2 domain at home, I found the UI to be painful and unnecessarily (ridiculously) difficult to use–especially for a server OS. I don’t want the Windows 8 skin on my server VMs. These links proved helpful in learning how to get around and do the things that used to be easy in Windows:

Navigating Start in Server 2012

Performing four common tasks in Server 2012

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Citrix Topics

With Citrix Synergy and Summit in full swing this week, I’ve decided to drop a few resources here. Looking forward to seeing what Avalon/Excalibur bring to the big picture in desktop virtualization.

Excalibur Reviewer’s Guide, v2:

XenApp farm health checks, v2:

Ten cool ways to use NetScaler to deliver hosted virtual desktops:

The latest version of the Citrix Virtual Desktop Handbook last updated May 14, 2013:

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Like a lot of bloggers, I’ve decided to start this page to help me keep track of resources and information I use. I hope it helps you too. If you came here for information about Citrix, VMware, Cisco UCS, NetApp storage, and FlexPod, you’ll probably find something of interest. I hope you do, anyway. Welcome.

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